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Writing Lessons
 Paragraph Writing Lessons
Improve your writing in five lessons!
Regular Pricing for Paragraph Writing Lessons
5  Lesson Block = $99 (U.S.) Register below.  
Single lessons   = $25 (U.S.)  Register below.   
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Do you want to improve your writing?
Do you want to create excellent essays, reports, stories?
Do you want to improve your performance on TOEFL, IELTS, and other English tests?
Are you between the ages of 10 and 110?  
Then these lessons are for you!

You receive:
1.  One lesson per week.     (You can opt for different periods of time.)                                
2.  Directed instructions for the next lesson
3.  Written feedback and corrections
4.  Audio feedback available
5.  Skype availability (limited)
6.  Receive personalized assistance to improve your written English.
     Yes, the lessons are geared specifically for you!

You receive help on:
Sentence structure - using a variety of sentences, punctuation, grammar
Using parts of speech effectively
Paragraph structure - topic sentences, supports, transitions, proper conclusions
Idea generation - brainstorming, organization, adding details, development
Learn about basic sentence structure, clauses, four kinds of sentences by structure, phrases
And much much more