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We have continuous intake.  
You can book a program at any time of the year!
Reading - Reading Comprehension
Decoding words is a very complex task.  Many students have difficulty and  require a structured approach to help them acquire the necessary steps.

Reading Comprehension is not simply reading.  Many students read beautifully but understand little of the meaning.  
Learning to comprehend text requires a different set of skills.
We teach strategies to help students improve the quality of their reading.

Programs include a variety of focus areas.  Each student works on strengthening his/her weak areas: Sentence structure, meaning, grammar, punctuation, organization, essay writing, speech writing, idea generation, developing main points, incorporating salient details, etc.


Let us design a math program to help your young student remember lessons learned this year and to prepare for next year.

whole numbers; fractions; decimals & percents; algebra; word problems; geometry
All following the Ontario Curriculum guidelines.  

Math is cumulative, so each step is valuable.  
Private tutoring provides essential help with missed steps - securing the foundation for further learning.

To register in Guelph      Call: 519 824 0982

Reading - Reasoning -  Writing

Skills that students need for all academic courses.

Learning to read with understanding (comprehension) and to answer questions about text is relevant for all school courses.  Of course this ability serves one well in the workplace and community, too.

This special program looks at:
Word Meaning
Sentence Meaning
Paragraph Meaning
Reasoning Skills
Quality written responses
     grammar, spelling, format

To register in Guelph      Call: 519 824 0982
Survival Skills for Students
for Grades 7 - 12 and adult students
Improve your grades for the next semester / year !!

Learn to work more efficiently
Motivation & Concentration
Scheduling and Time Management
Reading & Remembering
Listening & Notetaking
Solving Problems in Math and Science
Improving Performance on Tests

Check out our intensive  program delivered at L.T.L. Tutoring Central.
519 824 0982                                         tutoringcentral@inbox.com

 Student Survival Consultation
Start this year with all the right academic tools!       

This is an intensive (2-3 hour) session intended to help you become the A+ student you would like to be.   (Includes booklet.)
Call to arrange your appointment:  (519) 824 0982

Topics include:                     How to succeed!
                                                  First Day of Class
                                                  Goal Setting
                                                  Reading for Meaning
                                                  Notebooks & Note Taking
                                                  Math Practice
                                                  Exam Strategies
                                                  Evaluate your study environment
                                                  What to do at school
                                                             some questions to ask
                                                  Homework Habits
                                                             4 things to do EVERY night!

Private Language Classes (ESL)
I have very limited space for language classes.  
Each program is designed to specifically address the client's needs.
Call today to book your space:  519 824 0982  

Early Readers Program

Drawing, printing, basics (alphabet, numbers, etc.), story time, self-expression, building intellectual curiosity.

Young boys and girls learning in a safe, comfortable environment to explore new ideas and express themselves freely while, at the same time, developing responsible, respectful interaction.

Each child practises his/her individual program based on current skill level and preparation.


Preschool activities to encourage & develop academic skills

Build self-confidence that will assist students throughout all grades

Create independent learners

Develop small muscle coordination

Prepare young learners to excel in the school environment

Call: 519 824 0982 to register.

 Other Programs
Now offering Fast ForWord ® and Reading Assistant programs
The Fast ForWord® program
Accelerates learning for students across a wide spectrum of ages and abilities
Applies proven research on how the brain learns
Builds cognitive skills in the areas of memory, attention, processing, and sequencing
Learners can realize rapid achievement gains

The Reading Assistant program
combines advanced speech recognition technology with research-based instruction
helps students strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
feedback to participants is supportive and individualized
Please call or e-mail for further information
to set up a FREE information meeting.
519 824 0982

language tutor

reading tutor   Boys Can Read!

Read, Write, Discuss, Blog
Come take advantage of this new program.  
Pick a book of your choice
Read at your own pace
Discuss the book with guidance
Create your own blog and practise writing about what you read  (Childsafe blogging).
In a fun way, you will be improving your reading, comprehension, oral, and writing skills!
Also, you will build your creative ability on the computer by blogging.
Call or e-mail:
  519 824 0982        tutoringcentral@inbox.com