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Literacy Test
The  Grade 10 Literacy Test assesses a student's current reading, comprehension, and writing abilities.  The skills that this assessment tool measures are the same skills a student requires to excel in all academic courses.
The ability to write well and to read with understanding cannot be overstated.  All academic courses, including math, require the same set of general abilities for students to truly reach their potential.
At L.T.L. Tutoring Central, we are able to help students improve their effort on the test - but, more importantly, we are able to assist them at improving their skills for the rest of their academic (& work) careers.  We expand upon the general guidelines and school preparation by providing personal attention and individual programs.

Grade 10 Literacy Test Preparation
Tips for Students: Reading
Tips for Students: Writing
Practice Sheets for both reading & writing
Annotated Student responses (students may compare their answers with acceptable and more than acceptable responses)
Beyond the handouts
Expert advice on writing skills development
Strategies for improving reading comprehension - what to look for and how to interpret text, graphics, charts, etc.

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