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 The Complete Fractions Course

Believe it or not - Fractions are EASY!

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 The Complete Fractions Course

                                                Sample Lectures from course:         
24/7 - 365 days a year access to the course
Money back guarantee.
Work at your own pace in your own space!
You will learn:                                   

How to recognize & define a fraction
Fraction terms
Reducing fractions to lowest terms
Raising fractions to higher terms
Finding common denominators
Improper fractions & how to change them into mixed numbers
Mixed numbers & how to change them into improper fractions
Adding fractions with like denominators
Adding fractions with unlike denominators - including mixed or whole numbers
Subtracting fractions with like denominators
Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators - including mixed or whole numbers
Multiplying fractions
Multiplying fractions using cancellation
Multiplying fractions & mixed or whole numbers
Dividing fractions
Dividing fractions & mixed or whole numbers

Included in the course:
Lots of quizzes to help you learn and retain the information
Word problems with helpful tips
You can ask the instructor questions and receive prompt replies
Many diagrams and examples the instructor walks you through step-by-step

Knowing how to handle fractions helps you with the following:
Multiplication & division skills
Geometry calculations
Algebraic calculations
And much more

If you are nervous whenever you see a fraction, this course will give you the confidence
you need.  
I designed this course so that you can conquer any operation dealing with fractions.
The step-by-step approach including the additional, what I call, scribble videos
will make your journey through fractions a pleasure.