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 Don't hesitate to ask about other online learning opportunities.

1.    Paragraph Writing Lessons (all students)
                                                         Testimonial:   Excellent refresher course on paragraphs!

                                                         Testimonial: I like the way Ron organized Paragraph Writing that it's so easy to follow.
                                                                                    Each point he makes is so important that I find myself writing down notes
                                                                                     to seal in all his great information.

                                                        Testimonial:  The instructor has opened up a whole new world for me when it comes to writing. I write for                  
                                                                                 profit articles and they all start out with a paragraph.  Once that initial pargraph is written then
                                                                                 the rest of the article flows based on those initial concepts. This course has taken off the
                                                                                 mysterious cloud of how to start a pargraph, connect with the reader and how to satisfy the
                                                                                 reader with a proper conclusion.
2.    Conversational English Lessons  (ESL/ EFL)
                   (Real IELTS speaking questions/practice)

3.    Basic English Writing Course                
                       Testimonial: I just completed your tutorial on Basic English.  I found it very informative.  
                                                Best course I have taken on Udemy so far.  It jumped right into the subject
                                                and did not disappoint.  I look forward to continuing other courses by Tutoring Central.
                       Testimonial:          The course was exactly what I expected. The tutor explained very clear and made things easy to
                                                          understand.  It is not very deep in grammar issues, but gives all information it promissed (sic).  It
                                                          is a very good course to improve writing skills.  
4.   Test & Exam Strategies Course

5.    Essay Writing Course
                                 Testimonial: Good teacher. When I want to ask any problem. The teacher guide me clearly.
                                                                                                                                                Ly Tam
6.     Become an A+ Student         
                  Testimonial: An excellent course with lots of information and tips to help students excel in their
                                                 studies and learn important skills for use in their exams preparation.
                                                 Thank you, Mr. Ronald Johnson.  
                                                                                                         Soon Kheng

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